Novel Bay Booksellers

Date: August 5, 2019

Novel Bay Booksellers
44 N 3rd Ave
Sturgeon Bay WI 54235

An event that turned out very differently from that anticipated.

More Info: The last of my 2019 summer events in Sturgeon Bay was all set up at my favorite bookstore, with help from proprietors John and Liz. Lefse, krumkake and cherry pie spread for the enjoyment of all my faithful readers —they arrived, all eight, all cousins, faithfully following their book-boosting relative.

It could have been disheartening but turned out to be heartwarming. More Info: We celebrated my and their favorite passages of TALLAK! and remembered our forebears and lineages. The lefse was buttery and familiar, the krumkake sweet and , and the cherry pie was scrumptious.


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TALLAK! immigrant tells the story of the everyday lives of 18th and 19th century immigrants. They loved their home country, but didn’t have much time to mourn that loss, as they worked and loved and lived in the country they had chosen to begin their new lives. 

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Novel Bay Booksellers
44 N Third Ave, Sturgeon Bay, WI