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Yes, this is the blog page. And I’m keeping the page but I’m not blogging. I just finished my book, worked night and day to get it formatted properly for publishing, created this website, made a page on Facebook and even hobnobbed with Linkedin. I don’t even know what Instagram is and I refuse to Twitter. It’s still a pound sign to me. So forgive me, ardent bloggers. Forgive me, authors trying to see what others have done. There is nothing here. I am moving my household with husband in just three weeks. Perhaps when that has happened I will look again at the blogging question. For now, no blog.

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  1. Hello–love the book and website!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. It is so rewarding to hear from readers. The website still needs a little work — but it is getting there. Thanks again!

  2. What an engrossing and well-written book! Factual AND creative–a rare combination. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Pam Fox. I think I recall that you are writing a series — yes, I have read several, and they are all engrossing and adventurous action mysteries. Lovely. Thank you!

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