Coronavirus and Living Well

Living Well through the Coronavirus Chaos

  1. Pick up any book featuring Maira Kalman’s art. Read it – word for word. picture by picture.
  2. Call your uninfected friends, only 4 or 5, and gather for a walk. Bring a picnic lunch.
  3. Read Little Women. Again or first.
  4. Find, buy, borrow To Our Children’s Children by Bob Greene and D.G. Fulford. Find your son, your daughter, a grown grandchild, turn the tables and ask them the questions. If no children or grandchildren, okay, find your parents. Record their answers and give the recording to the recordee on their birthday.
  5. Read one or four of the Pam Fox mystery series Art of Murder, beginning with Drawing Fire.
  6. Gather the photos of something important to you. Open up Mimeo (or its ilk) and create a book for yourself, or your family, or your friends. Share.
  7. Clean out the most neglected closet in your house.
  8. Tend your garden. Grow some flowers. Set out a tomato plant. Sit on a bench.
  9. Oh yes. Read TALLAK! immigrant over again. You don’t have it? Haven’t read it? WELL. See below.

Read TALLAK! immigrant

TALLAK! immigrant tells the story of the everyday lives of 18th and 19th century immigrants. They loved their home country, but didn’t have much time to mourn that loss, as they worked and loved and lived in the country they had chosen to begin their new lives. 

Antigone Book Store
411 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ

Novel Bay Booksellers
44 N Third Ave, Sturgeon Bay, WI