The Great Depression 1929 – 1940

My pending manuscript, the story of three generations of women, is taking form.The title remains unknown, but here’s a taste of the story to come. The story of heritage, helping, the importance of family in sharing the burden.  This story

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Peace . . . . and Power

It is not peaceful, it’s powerful. 

I’m feeling it. Are you?

I’m feeling the walls coming down inside of me. The walls crumbling a little more with each book I read of black lives, by each black face I see on a video sharing his or her thoughts and pain. 

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Coronavirus – Spanish Flu

I am immersed in a new story celebrating three women of three successive generations. Two of these characters lived through the pandemic of their time, the Spanish Flu. Their flu was coupled with the devastating World War, with death from

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Spring? Summer? Safe? Sound?

Welcome! You can barely tell that you have morphed from newsletter to blog . . . it’s so coordinated! For this, I thank Mike Erickson, my WordPress Website guru, who put the basics together, leaving only the content for me

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Coronavirus and Living Well

Living Well through the Coronavirus Chaos Pick up any book featuring Maira Kalman’s art. Read it – word for word. picture by picture. Call your uninfected friends, only 4 or 5, and gather for a walk. Bring a picnic lunch.

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The No Blog Restyling

There are changes coming. Don’t be scared! TALLAK! will no longer be alone When? Well, soon Pay Close Attention! Hold on with the links —not perfected yet. Facebook Twitter Google-plus

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Musing about our land

I drove across our country in October. From Blairsville, Georgia to my home in Tucson, Arizona. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Rockies, across wet land and dry land. Across our wide open spaces. There’s land left, folks. There

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